Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Wendy and Lucy

This is just a quick entry to show that I wont just be going into detail on classic movies. I'll also be giving quick reviews on movies that I happen to catch on TV or at the cinema that leave a strong impression on me. So stay tuned because I'm going to be seeing Inception at the imax on friday (I'm going to go out on a limb and say it's probably going to be really good because Nolan hasn't disappointed yet.)

Wendy and Lucy is an indie movie that I caught on Film4 last night and I was very impressed by how brave and original it was. But by brave I don't mean it's controversial because it isn't. The reason Wendy and Lucy is brave is because it is a minimalist movie - by which I mean there is no soundtrack, little dialogue and a very simplistic plot. Sometimes being brave is to say "I'm not going to add any more, I'll leave it alone and let it speak for itself." As a result this film almost entirely relies on the stunningly understated and subtle performance of Michelle Williams as Wendy. The filming and editing of the movie is great as well - the only movement of the shot is when one clip is edited into another. This creates a stillness which only complements the purgatory of the Pacific Northwest .

The movie centres around Wendy and her dog Lucy travelling north to Alaska to find work. Money is short and with only a bust up car for shelter and Lucy for company, Wendy is on the brink of complete homelessness. Williams really portrays a woman down on her luck so well, sometimes you can even hear a slight quivering in her voice when she speaks, as if she's about to break down.

Check it out, a truely remarkable movie.

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